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We have more than 25000 housekeepers in Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Poland and other European countries

Hire a housekeeper

One time cleaning

from 40 USD a day

The one-time housekeeper will quickly and efficiently perform a full one-time cleaning of the apartment after repair or moving, as well as before and after the holidays.


Live-Out housekeeper

from 40 USD a day

Live-Out housekeeper (housekeeper without accommodation) will be able to carry out general and routine cleaning several days a week or daily, maintaining your house or apartment in perfect order


Live-In housekeeper

from 40 USD a day

Live-In housekeeper will be always at hand. No need to wait for the assistant to come, she is always there.


Housekeeper’s schedules

Full-time housekeeper

A full-time housekeeper (5-6 working days a week) is for a family that needs the housekeeper on a daily basis. This housekeeper can work from the morning to the evening. With this schedule the housekeeper will have time for cleaning, caring for the interior, wardrobe, shoes, accessories, and cooking.

Part-time housekeeper

Hiring a part-time housekeeper is convenient for those families, who need the housekeeping services several times a week instead of the housekeeping services on a daily basis. The part-time housekeeper will do cleaning, washing, ironing, partially cooking, and  fulfill some of your instructions.

Live-in housekeeper

Hiring a live-in housekeeper is the best solution for people who live in a big house and need a housekeeper to be in the house and ready to work immediately. You can hire the live-in housekeeper on any schedule for example 3/3, 4/4, 5/5, 7/7, 14/14, 1 month/1 month, 3 months/3 months, or with the cumulative weekend. Usually in this case a family hires 2 housekeepers who work in turns.

Housekeeper pay rates / Housekeeper salary


from 40 USD

Live-out housekeeper from 40 USD a day


from 900 USD

Live-out housekeeper from 900 USD a month


from 45 USD a shift

Live-in housekeeper from 45 USD a shift

VIP candidate

from 1300 USD

VIP candidate from 1300 USD a month

*All prices for housekeeper’s services are basic and depend on your additional requirements

Why our housekeepers are the best:



Experience of working in families

High level of qualification

They are tested

They are checked

Why you should hire a housekeeper from “Dom Schastia”:

  • Before a housekeeper has come into your family she has to pass individual special tests and be instructed how to work in your family. That’s why you will have a specialist who knows the psychology of working in your family, subordination, and fidelity.

  • We do care about your safety, therefore, we propose you employees who are fully checked by our managers. We check ID documents of an employee, experience, and reviews. The employee could pass the lie detector test if you want.

  • Our base of housekeepers is huge. So we will definitely help you hire a housekeeper according to your budget and requirements.

  • Our housekeepers are flexible and could work with any schedules that you are comforted with

  • We are sure about the professional skills of our candidates, therefore, we could give you a warranty during the contract duration. The warranty from the agency is 1 free replacement of a candidate on your demand.

  • For your comfort, we provide a personal manager who will help you with any questions with your employee.

  • All our housekeepers are hard workers. They will definitely make your place clean and comfortable.

Hire a housekeeper:

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    Ukraine, Kyiv, st. Sagaidachnogo 12, 2nd floor, office 2-10, index 04070
    (m. Poshtova Ploscha, m. Contractova Ploscha)